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Working Visas

Applicants intending to go to China and be paid by a Chinese Company must obtain a Work Visa. A Work Visa comes standard as a Single Entry, with a duration of 0 days. On arrival in China you have 30 days to attend the Local Chinese Police Station and change the Visa into a Chinese Residence Permit.

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There are a number of different types of visas for those interested in China travel. This website will describe these different types of visa, as well as how to fill out the application form that is required to be completed in order to get one.

Chinese consular services give you the option of single, double or multiple-entry types of visa. Single or double-entry visas are available for either ninety or one hundred and eighty days. Should you have questions regarding Getting a Visa for China, get in touch with us and we will answer them as best we can.


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