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Which Visa?

A Chinese visa can be complicated so we have created a single form that will meet the criteria for business and tourism. For study or media visas, call now on 0161 818 9512.

Please complete this form and post it to China Visa Bureau
"Pall Mall Court, 61-67 King Street, Manchester, M2 4PD" along with your documents.

So much for the general rules! Now for the detail:

1. All applications must be submitted on the Visa Application form. Although this form looks straight forward, but adherence to the rules and regulations may not be. The form may well be rejected if this is not done. Sometimes filling in section 5.1

("If you are seeking to work or study in China, or if someone else travelling with you shares the same passport with you, or if you are making this visa application in a country or territory other than the country of your nationality, please fill out the Supplementary Visa Application Form (Form V.2011B) and submit with this application") can trip people up. Remember, you won't know if there is a problem with your visa application until you go to collect your visa, and then you will have to resubmit your application.

A form filling check service is strongly advisable. You can download the forms here

2. You will have to submit a photograph, not smiling, no hat, with a plain background, taken within the last six months. This needs to be on photo paper. and the size is that of a UK passport

3.  Your original passport with at least 2 blank visa pages which is valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of application.

4. For a business visa, you will need an invitation from the relevant Chinese governmental departments, relevant companies, business's or non-profit governmental organizations.

5. For tourist visa's you will need an invitation letter from a Chinese organization or a permanent resident in China; or your air ticket booking record (return-trip) and hotel reservation. If you are cruising (either ocean or river) you will need to provide the itinerary.

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Our site exists in order to provide those interested with all the resources, information and related links available on the internet regarding Getting a Visa for China. The different visas available for travel to China are categorized depending upon either the reason for your trip, the number of entries you intend to make, or the length of time you intend to stay.

The different Chinese visas are represented by different letters of the alphabet, are all available, and under this system travel to China for reasons of tourism is covered by an L visa, business trips to China are covered by an M visa, crew visas are covered by a C visa, work visas are covered by Z visas, student travel is covered by X visas, and residency is covered by D visas. Foreign correspondents require either a J1 or J2 visa, with the former covering long term visits, and the latter covering short term visits.

One application form covers all visa applications, it is two pages and contains seven different sections. Section one is for all your personal information, including your full name, your birth date, your passport number and also your occupation. Section 2 is where you detail all the information that describes your visit to China . This is where you specify the kind of visa you are applying for, how many entries you are applying for and how long you want to stay. Section 3 is about your health, and Section 4 is for your contact details. Section 5 is reserved for special declarations, and Section 6 is only filled out if you employ a third party to complete your application, while Section 7 is for your signature and the date. If you would like to comment on our Getting a Visa for China website, feel free to do so.


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Chinese Visa General Line: 0161 818 9512

There are a number of different types of visas for those interested in China travel. This website will describe these different types of visa, as well as how to fill out the application form that is required to be completed in order to get one.

Chinese consular services give you the option of single, double or multiple-entry types of visa. Single or double-entry visas are available for either ninety or one hundred and eighty days. Should you have questions regarding Getting a Visa for China, get in touch with us and we will answer them as best we can.


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